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Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

9 Aug

What bores you?
Immediately when I saw this daily prompt one word came to my mind… Sports
Now don’t get me wrong I like sports, but only in movies.

Your Killing me Smalls!!

You see I need a back story. I need to have a reason to root for the team, a reason to care why they need to win this game. Otherwise it just looks like watching people play a game in gym class, that are getting paid to do so.

Reality shows that incorporate sports, that I can watch. I like to know the reason people are doing what they are doing. For instance with Uriah Hall on 2013 The Ultimate Fighter. A lot of people were hating on him, while I was cheering for the guy. Below I included a video of which I think is one of the worst knock outs I have seen. You can see in the video how bad he felt for hurting Adam Cella.

Every now and then I try to sit down and watch a game with my husband, but usually find my mind drifting off or suddenly realizing there’s just some chore I desperately need to do 🙂


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