New Group in the Making!!

17 Oct

Okay, So I know I have been slacking over here lately. I have been spending all my time running challenge groups on Facebook, working out, making healthy recipes out of some of my favorite fatty recipes 😉 and not to mention college and kids – I almost have zero time for blogging anymore! Soooo sad! 😦 I will try to commit to blogging every few days or so.

Meanwhile – you all should join me for a really fun Multi-program challenge group Im calling “Just Push PLAY” starting on October 28th! What is it you say? A group of women banding together and losing weight in the privacy of our own homes. We have a group on Facebook, and every day you do the required workout and let us know how it went. Easy peasy, right? 7307b23b542fd6c00f0fb9ef3f05add9


National Whiskey Sour Day!!!

25 Aug

I personally love trying new drink recipes. What better way to try this than on National Whiskey Sour Day!!!


August 10th is S’mores Day!!!

10 Aug

Quick Oven S`mores
Weight Watchers Recipe

Quick Oven S mores

3  PointsPlus Value

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 4 min

Other time: 0 min

Serves: 2

This traditional campfire treat can be made indoors any time of the year. Broiling the marshmallows and using fudge from a jar makes them a snap.


2 large marshmallow(s)
4 square(s) graham cracker(s)
2 tsp fat free hot fudge, at room temperature

Preheat broiler. Set marshmallows on aluminum foil and broil until hot and beginning to brown.

Place each marshmallow on a graham cracker square and cover with 1 teaspoon chocolate sauce.

Top with another square and press together. Serve.

Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

9 Aug

What bores you?
Immediately when I saw this daily prompt one word came to my mind… Sports
Now don’t get me wrong I like sports, but only in movies.

Your Killing me Smalls!!

You see I need a back story. I need to have a reason to root for the team, a reason to care why they need to win this game. Otherwise it just looks like watching people play a game in gym class, that are getting paid to do so.

Reality shows that incorporate sports, that I can watch. I like to know the reason people are doing what they are doing. For instance with Uriah Hall on 2013 The Ultimate Fighter. A lot of people were hating on him, while I was cheering for the guy. Below I included a video of which I think is one of the worst knock outs I have seen. You can see in the video how bad he felt for hurting Adam Cella.

Every now and then I try to sit down and watch a game with my husband, but usually find my mind drifting off or suddenly realizing there’s just some chore I desperately need to do 🙂

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